Chapter 2 – Exploring What It Means To Know And Do Mathematics

When I read this chapter, it makes me recall an incident I had when I was in K2. I still remember vividly on how I was made to stand on the chair just because I could not rote count 1 to 20. If only my teacher knew at the point that I was unable to do the task because I did not have any prior knowledge.

“Students must have the tools and prior knowledge to solve a problem, and not be given a problem that it is out of reach, or they will struggle without being productive; yet students should not be given tasks that are straightforward and easy, or they will not be struggling with mathematical ideas” (Van de Walle, Karp & Williams, 2013, p. 15).

From the readings, it inspired me to make teaching numeracy to be more interesting for the children. To do this, according to the constructivism and sociocultural theories, I must give ample opportunities to the children to find solutions which can happened during their interactions with one another.


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