Monday, 1 April 2013.

We start our first lesson by finding the letters from the lecturer’s name that would be in 99th place. The first step, he takes is to show us how the counting of the letters should be done.


After we complete the activity, we discuss as a class on our findings. Next activity is also the same but we need to use our name. It is quite interesting from our findings that should we have 6 and 7  letters for our names, the 99th place will be the third letter of our name. Though the first activity is only for few mintues but there are many tips that the lecturer shares about teaching the children:

  • There are 4 steps when teaching the children: model, scaffold, do it yourself and explain. Should the child is able to do the activity with ease compared to his friends, teacher can challenged the child further.
  • Children need the opportunities to discuss with their friends which Vygotsky also mentioned that children learn through social interactions.
  • And we must always encourage the children to try solving any tasks as there is always more thatn 1 way to solve a problem.
  • We must always provoke the children’s thinking and the lecturer models it by always prompting us by asking, “I wounder why?” By doing so, he is encouraing us think of the solution.


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