Friday, 5 April

Today, we do some discussions about the new curriculum framework. Most of us ask the lecturer:

“Why the new curriculum only wants us to teach the children until 10 only?

“So what we do then?”.

The lecturer shares that we should not rush when teaching the children. Instead, we should really ensure that the children grasp all the concept well. If we would like to teach the children concept of subtraction, we must ensure that we begin with concrete materials first before we introduce them the pictorial. There are also few methods on how subtraction can be done.  I also learnt that teachers must be very selective when choosing the variables/ materials. For examples, should we use sticks, we must ensure that all the sticks have the same length.  By doing this, we are ensuring that there is no interfering of variables.

We can also teach the children to use the 10 Frame when teaching them subraction. I like the idea when the lecturer shares about using egg cartons or we can give the children an index card with 10 frames.

Should the number is more than 10, I also can teach them using bundles of pens, ice cream sticks and they come in sets of 10 too. Once the children have ample opportunities using concrete materials, teachers can allow the children to manipulative such as cubes.

This course has make me realized the importance of CPA when teaching the children numeracy. And I must always ask myself the three questions when I need to plan a lesson.

1. What do I want the students to learn?

2. How do I know if they can or cannot do it?

3. Observe them in the class.


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