Wednesday, 3 April

The lecturer started the lesson today by letting us to hear the nursery rhymes of “Humpty Dumpty”. After that, he provokes our thinking. By using the rhymes what are the numeracy concepts we can teach the children?

Some of the them shared are:

  1. What is the height that we should placed the egg to make it cracked?
  2. One classmate shares that we could also teach the concept of balancing using the rhyme.
  3. The children can be taught on counting concept and also one to one correspondence, such as counting the men versus the horses.

For today’s lesson, I also learnt that it is difficult for children to learn the money and time concept. Money concept concerns value thus when learning this concept, the children need to learn from real experiences. And in preschool, teachers are can teach time through daily activities such creating awareness the time they have meals and etc.


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